Efficient invoice management is crucial for smooth financial operations within any organization. Understanding invoice statuses is a key part of this process, ensuring that you can manage your financial commitments effectively. In this article, we'll guide you through the various invoice statuses within the IPXO platform, helping you comprehend their significance and how to navigate through them.

Where to find the status of an invoice 

First, access your billing information by clicking on your name icon in the top right corner. From there, select "Settings and Billing." 

Once you access it, choose "Invoices," and you will be able to view and filter all your invoices based on different statuses. 

Statuses and their meaning

Invoice status: Unpaid 

If an invoice has been generated but remains unpaid, it will be labelled with an "Unpaid" status.  

Note that service renewal invoices are typically generated about 2 weeks before the due date. If the invoice is created already, it is not necessary to pay for it instantly. However, it is crucial to complete the payment before the due date. 

Invoice status: In Review 

When you encounter the status "In Review", it indicates that the payment has been successfully made, and the funds have reached the payment gateway. However, certain payments require manual review by the IPXO team. While the review is in progress, this status will be visible. Following the review, the invoice status will be updated to either "Paid" or "Refunded." 

Invoice status: Canceled 

The status "Canceled" indicates that the invoice has been canceled and does not require payment. There are several reasons for invoice cancellation, such as in the case of a service renewal invoice where the service was terminated during the lease period after the invoice had already been generated. 

Invoice status: Refunded 

There are some instances when you can ask for a refund (they are described in our Terms of Service, section E). Once your refund request is accepted and processed, you will see the status "Refunded" next to your invoice. 

Invoice status: Paid 

Once the payment is successful, you will see the status “Paid” next to your invoice. 

Managing invoices is a fundamental aspect of business operations, and understanding the different invoice statuses is pivotal to ensuring a streamlined financial process. With the insights provided in this article, you're well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of invoice statuses within the IPXO platform. Should you have further inquiries or require assistance, our Customer Solutions team is always ready to help.