How to report abuse

Please report any suspicious activity that might require the attention of our IPXO Abuse Desk. You can choose one of the two methods to contact us regarding abuse:

When you contact us via email or fill out the abuse report, provide us with all of the information you have.

To ensure we have all the evidence, you should include the IPs under attack, the attacking domains and email addresses, and timestamps. You can also attach files, including text files and print screens.

Note: The more information we have, the quicker we can handle the incident. If you are unable to provide evidence, we might not be able to help.

What are the common types of abuse?

Here is a list of some of the most common types of abuse.

SPAM: Unwelcome emails that are sent to numerous recipients during large-scale spam campaigns.

Malware: Malicious code is installed on the targeted device without the user's knowledge to gain access to personal data, make money or damage the device.

Phishing: Deceptive links are introduced to Internet users via misleading messages, like emails, or deceptive domains that may resemble or look identical to reputable domains. Scammers can impersonate banks or popular online e-vendors to gather login credentials and personal information illegally.

Hacking/Brute Force attack: An attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer. During a brute force attack, the attacker uses lists of illegally obtained usernames and passwords to try to gain unauthorized access to a system. Or they may use software and hardware to guess login data.

DDoS attack: A Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with heavy traffic from multiple sources. This is done to take the service down.

Port scanning: During this attack, an attacker users a listening service to see what ports are open on the target machines.

Copyright infringement: Hosting providers are among IPXO clients. If you discover hosting providers using copyrighted material without your permission, report it as soon as possible.

Unacceptable/illegal materials: Pease report any material that is considered illegal, including hate speech, violence, illegal/offensive activities, child abuse, sexual abuse, etc. Simultaneously, contact national authorities so that legal action could be taken immediately.

Other: Use this category when reporting abuse to report anything else that doesn't fit the listed categories.

What happens after you report abuse?

Our Abuse team will get in touch with you. At first, you may receive an automatic response, but that simply means that your report is under review. Our automated systems ensure that all reports are processed and forwarded immediately.

Our team works closely with all abuse reports to ensure that they are handled appropriately. Note that some types of abuse are easier to handle than others. Although we aim to resolve all abuse incidents quickly and efficiently, please give us time.

Note: It might take longer to handle abuse reports during the weekends and holidays.

What to do if you receive an abuse report?

Please take action immediately if you have received an abuse report. If you are slow to act, the issue will be escalated, and our team will take action to prevent further issues. Read our Terms Of Service to learn more.

How quickly is abuse handled?

All abuse reports must be handled immediately. If they are not, we reserve the right to suspend services.

  1. CSAM/Other illegal activity – 12h
  2. DDoS, Phishing – 24h
  3. Other types of abuse – up to 48h

Note: IPXO performs immediate take-down if trusted parties send take-down requests.

If you want to report abuse or have questions regarding abuse reports, please use the email address and the abuse report form linked at the top of the page.