This guide shows how to set the IPXO abuse contact as the Abuse POC for your resource in ARIN.

Step 1: Log in to Account Manager

Go to, enter your Username and Password and click Log In.

Step 2: Access the Search

In ARIN's Account Manager Dashboard, go to IP Addresses -> Search.

Search menu shortcut highlighted in ARIN's Account Manager menu.

Step 3: Select the Net Handle

Click the Net Handle for which you want to change the abuse contact information.

A pointer hovering over a Net Handle in ARIN's Account Manager.

Step 4: Access the Manage Resources POC menu

In the Network Information menu, expand the Actions menu and click Manage Resources POCs.

Actions menu expanded in ARIN's View & Manage Network menu.

Step 5: Submit an Abuse POC

Click Add Abuse POC and search for IAMT1-ARIN in the Handle field. Click Use this POC and then Submit.

IAMT1-ARIN handle highlighted in ARIN's Manage Resources POCs menu.
Add abuse POC

Note: Please make sure that you are setting the Abuse POC handle. Adding an abuse email to a different handle (e.g., NOC) will not work.

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