Step 1: Sign in to RIPE NCC

Go to, enter your email address and password and click SIGN IN.

Step 2: Search your subnet

In your RIPE NCC Access account, go to Profile -> RIPE Database -> Query the RIPE Database, enter the subnet and click Search.

Five steps in RIPE NCC Dashboard showing how to search for a subnet.
Search for subnet

Step 3: Update the object

Click the Update object button on the right of the inetnum/netname information.

Update object button highlighted in  RIPE NCC subnet information window.
Update object

Step 4: Add an abuse-c attribute

Click the + button to open an abuse-c field and then click the Add button below.

Abuse-c field highlighted in RIPE NCC's  Choose attribute to insert pop-up.
Add abuse-c field

Step 5: Submit abuse-c

Change the abuse-c value to IPXO834 and then click the Submit button below.

Abuse-c field filled with IPXO834 and Submit button below in RIPE NCC menu.
Add IPXO834 as abuse-c

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