Follow this guide to learn how to order IP addresses via the Marketplace.

Step 1

Log in to the IPXO Portal.

Step 2

In the menu at the top, click Lease -> Marketplace.

Step 3

Search for a desired IP block. You can search by Subnet size (1), RIR (2)(Regional Internet Registry), Monthly price (3), use other Advanced filters (4) such as Location or City, and search using Reservation ID or specific octets. Once you set the IPv4 specifications, click Search.

Step 4

The available subnets list based on your criteria will be returned. In the same window, you can also see the geolocation of each IP block by clicking on (i) as shown in the screenshot.

After reviewing the options, choose the subnets you want. They will be reserved for 20 minutes.

Click Continue: Review Order and complete the purchase if you wish to pay for the selected subnets.

Step 5

Go to Portal -> Lease -> My Leased IPs to find the subnets after the purchase and you can perform actions with you newly-leased subnet, for example, assign it to you infrastructure.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Solutions team via

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