Why ASNs are important? 

ASN numbers and IP addresses are essential components of the internet's routing infrastructure. They are used to direct traffic between networks and ensure that data is transmitted efficiently and reliably. You can read more about ASNs in our blog.  

What are the restrictions to assigning ASNs? 

In IPXO, we have our own database of ASN numbers where their characteristics are stored. There are certain restrictions of assigning ASN numbers for the subnets leased on the IPXO platform: 

We do not accept ASN numbers listed in the UCE3 list 

As we care deeply about IP reputation, we do not allow our users to assign ASNs that are listed in the UCE3 list. If you try to assign this type of ASN, you will receive a message stating that “ASN is banned due to being listed in UCE3 database”. 

In this case, please choose a different ASN to be assigned to your leased IPs. 

We do not accept ASNs issued in OFAC-listed countries 

We also do not work with countries listed by OFAC; therefore, the country of issue is checked for all ASNs. If the ASN is issued in an OFAC-listed country, such as Russia, the message “Country RU ASNs are banned for usage” will be displayed.  

In this case, you will need to choose a different ASN. 

An ASN might be banned by IPXO’s decision 

As we take abuse very seriously, our Abuse Prevention department has the ability to ban ASNs associated with malicious and/or illegal activity. In this case, while attempting to assign an ASN, you will see a message stating that “ASN is banned by IPXO’s decision”.  

It takes up to 24 hours for new ASNs to be uploaded into our internal database 

Assigning an ASN can be temporarily impossible if your ASN was recently issued. It can take up to 24 hours for a newly issued ASN to appear in our database. Therefore, if you receive the message: “ASN is not found in IPXO’s database, please contact Support”, please wait for up to 24 hours and try to assign the same ASN again. If the assignment still fails for the same reason, please contact our Customer Support via help.ipxo.com

You can read how to assign your IPs to your infrastructure here