At IPXO, our goal is to foster an environment of transparency and fairness in transactions for our valued customers. This article is your all-inclusive guide to understanding the procedures and policies surrounding disputes, chargebacks, and refunds. Following these guidelines is crucial to guarantee a seamless and satisfying experience with IPXO. 

Managing IP Address Issues: Support, Disputes, and Timely Resolutions 

If you encounter any issues or if a situation fails to meet your expectations, we urge you to contact our support team as your initial step. A solution and/or refund will be provided based on our Terms of Service. We want to stress that when you lease IP addresses from IPXO, swiftly handling any arising concerns is of utmost importance.  

For those leasing IP addresses, bringing up any claims or disputes related to the ordered IPs within 7 days following the commencement date is essential. Please note that any claims or disputes brought forward after the specified 7-day period won’t have legal standing, and IPXO is not obligated to respond or find a resolution. It is vital to understand that this 7-day period for raising claims or disputes regarding the suitability or quality of leased IPs is the sole and exclusive resource available.  

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our Customer Solutions Team within this time frame to ensure a resolution of your concerns. 

Chargebacks: An Inappropriate Method for a Refund

Customers are advised not to use chargebacks as a method for securing refunds for IPXO services. Instead, it’s important to adhere to the refund procedures outlined in IPXO’s Terms of Service. The initiation of chargebacks or the opening of transaction disputes as a means for securing refunds will be deemed as payment fraud, leading to a full investigation and account suspension.

IPXO's Approach to Chargebacks and Payment Disputes 

If a chargeback or payment dispute is submitted through a credit card company, bank, PayPal, or any other payment gateway, IPXO retains the authority to suspend all services associated with the user’s account without prior notice. In dealing with chargebacks or payment disputes, IPXO will employ all accessible information, encompassing the user’s account profile, login history data, and communication logs with the user. Please be aware that each occurrence of a chargeback or transaction retrieval will carry a 20 USD administration fee, which the user consents to pay. 

Restoring Services Suspended Due to Payment Retrieval 

If services are suspended due to a chargeback, reversal, or transaction retrieval, it falls on the user to rectify the situation for services to be reinstated. This involves ensuring the withdrawal of all chargebacks, reversals, and retrievals. Furthermore, the user must fully settle any financial inconsistencies resulting from chargebacks before services can be resumed.  

IPXO strictly prohibits the use of payment disputes, reversals and chargebacks as a valid method of retrieving payments. Such actions are considered payment fraud, as clearly outlined in our Terms of Service.  

The IPXO Terms of Service agreement holds us accountable when it comes to preventing fraud. This means that fraudulent activity linked to fraudulent accounts must be stopped. 

If you need any help regarding service or payment-related issues, we are here to assist you. Should you cancel our services and wish to receive a refund, please contact our Customer Solutions team first. Contact us via 

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