Setting up your abuse-mailbox contact for admin-c or tech-c attribute is necessary for subnet ownership confirmation. Follow these easy steps to learn how to set up abuse-mailbox in AFRINIC.

Step 1: Find your admin-c or tech-c attribute from maintainer 

Go to and enter your subnet into the Search query field. To demonstrate, we use the IPXO-MNT maintainer as an example.

Subnet example in AFRINIC Whois search tool.
AFRINIC Search query tool

You will get similar results with your maintainer. The field that you need to check is admin-c or tech-c

In this example, the admin-c attribute already has the abuse-mailbox contact set up. If you do not see the abuse-mailbox contact in either admin-c or tech-c attribute, click Update. 

Note: You need at least one of the maintainers (admin-c or tech-c) to set the abuse-mailbox attribute. You are free to choose either one. 

Admin-c, nic-hdl and abuse-mailbox fields highlighted in AFRINIC search.
Admin-c, nic-hdl and abuse-mailbox fields in AFRINIC search results

Step 2: Add or update the abuse-mailbox contact for your selected admin/tech attribute 

You need to add information to the changed, password and abuse-mailbox fields. Feel free to update other fields if necessary. Once you provide the necessary information, click Submit.

How to provide the necessary information: 

Changed Enter your email address
Password Enter your mainterner (mnt-by) password  
Abuse-mailbox Two options are available:
1. If the field is empty, enter an email address
2. If the old email address must be updated, enter a new email address
Changed, password and abuse-mailbox fields in AFRINIC search results

Important: make sure that the "abuse-mailbox" line is higher in the list than the "source" (see screenshot above).

If you submit the information correctly, you will see a message like the one below. 

Whois results example in AFRINIC.
Whois results

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