Disclaimer: This guide focuses on a specific aspect of the Vultr BYOIP process, explaining how to assign a Vultr ASN to your leased subnet. For details on announcing the subnet, refer to the official Vultr BYOIP guide. 

Step 1: Lease a Subnet 

When leasing a subnet, please keep in mind that the smallest sized subnet that Vultr supports for BYIOP is a /24 subnet. 

Step 2: Access your leased IPs 

Following a successful lease, log in to the IPXO portal. Select “Lease” (1) and click “My Leased IPs” (2) from the dropdown menu. 

Step 3: Assign your leased subnet 

Find the subnet that you want to bring to Vultr and click “Assign” (3): 

In the “Add AS Organization” section, you will need to assign yourown or Vultr AS number.  

This step is crucial as it allows Vultr to advertise your leased range on your provided ASN. The Vultr AS number is AS64515 for Vultr VPS and AS20473 for Vultr Bare Metal. Type it in according to your choice and click the “Add” button which will become active. Alternatively, you can also add your own AS number instead of Vultr ASN, but it’s ownership must be verified by Vultr beforehand.  

Step 4: Confirming the ROA creation

You will receive a letter from the IPXO team upon the successful creation of the ROA record. 

Step 5: Follow Vultr BYOIP instructions

After receiving the ROA record confirmation letter, proceed with the instructions on the Vultr BYOIP guide