WHOIS records play a crucial role in providing key details regarding the ownership and management of a particular IP address. With IPXO, you can take control of the WHOIS records for your leased IP addresses. 
When assigning a subnet to an Autonomous System Number (ASN), we offer a couple of possibilities for you to consider:  

  1. In the subnet assignment window, you will find a checkbox that allows you to create a WHOIS inetnum with your company details (refer to the screenshot below). You have the option to choose between two alternatives: 
    • Expose your company details in WHOIS 
    • Keep the company details private 
  1.   Alternatively, you can also choose to keep default WHOIS details. 

To accomplish this, you can easily follow the steps outlined in the article How to assign IPs to your infrastructure. Within the article, you will find instructions on how to choose and set up your desired WHOIS configuration.

Create WHOIS inetnum block

If you wish to modify your WHOIS details during an active lease, feel free to reach out to our Product Support team for assistance. It’s important to note that certain fields cannot be altered due to limitations imposed by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and IPXO’s own restrictions. For instance, we are unable to modify abuse-c contacts upon request. 

Important note: This feature is only applicable to subnets obtained from RIPE NCC and ARIN. If your subnet is acquired from another RIR, you can contact our Product Support team to request the desired changes.