To access the IP Monetization Dashboard, log in to the IPXO portal and navigate to the "Dashboard" section.  

The IPXO IP Monetization Dashboard is a powerful tool designed for IP holders. It provides detailed insights into the monetization results of your leased IPs. With various metrics and visual graphs, you can easily understand and manage your IP monetization activities.  


  • Comprehensive Overview: Get a complete snapshot of your IP leasing performance, including metrics on earnings, leased IPs, and more. 
  • Detailed Financial Insights: Access detailed financial data, including your earnings from last month and completed payouts over the past 12 months. 
  • Resource Management: Manage your resources effectively by understanding the status of your subnets and IPs through various metrics and charts. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Effortlessly navigate through detailed reports and financial data, assisting you in making informed decisions about your IP resources. 
  • Enhanced Control: Manage your payout methods and access more detailed financial data directly through the dashboard. 

How does the IP Monetization Dashboard work? 

Please Note: To access the dashboard, you must have Billing Read & Modify permissions. If you only have Billing Read permissions, you can view the dashboard, but you won't be able to manage the current payout method. Follow the Role-Based Access Control article to obtain the required permissions.  

Overview of Metrics 

    1. Run rate & Leased IPs Count: Provides your current run rate and the count of leased IPs, giving you an overview of your leasing performance.
    1. Run Rate per IP: Shows the average run rate for each IP, allowing you to gauge the performance of your leasing strategies. 
    1. Unpaid Balance: Displays your total unpaid balance, helping you track pending earnings and the next payout date. 
    1. Completed Payouts: Indicates the number of completed payouts, providing insight into your successful transactions. 
    1. Last Month's Earnings: Offers a summary of your earnings from the previous month and the last payout date, offering a clear view of your recent financial performance. 
    1. Current Payout Method: Displays your current payout method and, if you have Billing Read & Modify permissions, allows you to manage it directly on the IPXO platform. 
    1. Lease Rate %: Illustrates the total count of subnets leased in the marketplace, along with counts of leased and not leased IPs in the legend, using a pie chart. 
    1. Completed Payouts by Month: Provides a time series chart  displaying payouts for the last 12 months, offering a historical view of your earnings. 

    Subnet Section Metrics 

    1. Active Subnets: Shows the number of subnets and IPs that are currently active and in use.  
    1. Pending Validation: Provides information on subnets awaiting validation.  
    1. Pending Authorization: Shows subnets awaiting authorization for leasing.  
    1. Authorization Failed: Indicates subnets that failed the authorization process.  
    1. Invalid: Displays subnets marked as invalid, which can be caused by a few factors: either the initial IP reputation check failed, or the subnet is missing necessary validation records. 
    1. Hidden Subnets: Shows the number of subnets that are currently hidden from the marketplace.  
    1. Quarantined Subnets: Displays subnets that are in quarantine and not available for leasing.  
    1. Terminated: Indicates subnets that have been terminated from leasing. 


    The IPXO IP Monetize Dashboard gives you, as an IP holder, the essential metrics and insights to optimize your IP leasing strategies. With a detailed overview of financial performance, leasing status, and resource management, this powerful tool empowers you to make informed decisions and maximize your monetization potential.