To access the IP Leasing Dashboard, log in to the IPXO portal and navigate to the "Dashboard" section.   

The IPXO IP Leasing Dashboard is a robust tool designed to provide IP lessees with a detailed overview of their leased IPs. It includes various data points and actionable items, enabling you to manage your leases effectively and stay informed about your financial obligations and leasing status. 


  • Holistic View of Leases: See a comprehensive summary of your active services, including totals, monthly data, and pending cancellations. 
  • Financial Management: Easily access invoices and payment links to manage your expenses and stay on top of your financial obligations. 
  • Detailed Lease Information: Track the status of your leased subnets and IPs, including assignments to ASN. 
  • Marketplace Access: Use direct links to the marketplace to quickly find new leasing opportunities. 
  • Resource Management: Understand the status and allocation of your leased resources with metrics on subnets and IPs. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate an intuitive dashboard that provides clear insights and actionable information. 

How does the IP Leasing Dashboard work? 

Please Note: You must have Billing Read & Modify permissions to access the dashboard. Without these permissions, access is not allowed. If you only have Billing Read permissions, you can view the dashboard, but you won't be able to click to pay for subnets. Follow the RBAC article to obtain the required permissions.   

Overview of Metrics 

  1. Active Services: 
  • Totals: Displays the total count of your active services, giving you an overall view of your current leases. 
  • Per Month: Shows the monthly count of active service costs, helping you track leasing trends and expenses over time. 
  • Pending Cancellations: Displays the count of services pending cancellation, alerting you to potential changes in your leased IPs. 
  1. Don’t Forget to Pay: 
  • Subnets Tab: Lists unpaid invoices for specific subnets with "Pay now" links, ensuring you can easily settle your dues for individual subnets. 
  • Invoices Tab: Provides a list of unpaid invoices with "Pay now" links that direct you to the specific invoice on the IPXO platform. 
  1. Lease Information - % in Use Subnets: 
  • Total Count of Leased Subnets and IPs: Displays the overall number of your leased subnets and IPs, offering a snapshot of your leased resources. 
  • Assigned to ASN Subnets and IPs: Shows the count of subnets and IPs that are assigned to an ASN, indicating active utilization. 
  • Not Assigned Subnets and IPs: Displays the count of subnets and IPs not yet assigned to an ASN, helping you identify unused resources. If you want to assign your IP to an ASN, please follow this article
  1. Marketplace Overview: 
  • “Find Offers” Button: Links to the marketplace search with relevant filters applied, allowing you to find new leasing opportunities tailored to your needs. Learn how to lease IP addresses via the IPXO Marketplace by following the How to Order IP Addresses article. 

Subnet Section Metrics 

  1. Active Subnets: Shows the number of subnets and IPs that are currently active and in use.
  1. Pending Subnets: Displays subnets and the count of IPs awaiting activation or processing. If payment fails, the subnet will be reserved for a limited time and listed under pending subnets until payment is successful or automatically canceled. 
  1. Custom Commitments: Presents a number of subnets and IPs with custom lease commitments. 
  1. Not Assigned to ASN: Highlights subnets and IPs that are not yet assigned to any ASN, pointing out available resources.  


The IPXO IP Leasing Dashboard is a great tool for you to manage your leased IPs effectively. It provides detailed metrics on active services, financial obligations, lease statuses, and access to new leasing opportunities. This dashboard helps you optimize your leasing strategies and maintain financial control. With its user-friendly interface